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Title: Fo' sho!
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"Koizumi-san! We haven't associated in quite sometime! How are you?" Sonia sang, curving a smile to her lips.




{✖}; It has certainly been awhile hasn’t it Sonia? I’ve honestly missed having you around ever since your sudden disappearance! were you taking some time off to yourself? If you were, then you really deserved it! The red headed photographer was as happy and lively as usual from when she last communicated with The Princess. { sincereperfection }


{ ♥ }; Koizumi was excited that the princess had wanted to take a photo with her after so long, her personality had jumped from shy to nothing but excitement in a matter of just a few seconds time. A light hearted smile then came to the photographer’s face after Sonia had walked in right next to her side, gently rubbing her shoulder while a genuinely soft and sigh filled with happiness came from the red head.  ”Prepare to have your photo taken with me Sonia! Just like the old days!”

She chimed happily as she stood a little bit close to the Princess with the shy expression showing up once again, as shown by her face. "One… Two… Three..!"Koizumi’s finger pressed down on the capture button right after she said the number three. She giggled happily as she turned the camera around to take a look at the photo that she took of the both of them, and then placed the device in Sonia’s hands gently with a kind smile that could warm anyone’s heart. "Take a look Sonia! You and I look really great, As always! but of course, the picture looks ten times better with you in it- … Huh?!”

She then paused for a second, her face slightly red at making such an embarrassing comment like that. If there was one thing about Koizumi, she gets flustered and what not quite easily, to which she cannot really help it at all. "…. I usually don’t say things like that.. I think it’s actually the first time I’ve said such a thing, and I don’t know how to react.. but uh.. Would you maybe like to take more pictures? or if you don’t want to do that, then we can spend the day together somewhere. I just have no idea where..” 

Koizumi wanted to stay around her friend’s side for a while, not because she was clingy, although it sounded that way a little bit. She just hated the thought of going back to her photography studio, where she was all alone with no one to converse or hang out with.


   When Koizumi said those words, she was quite flattered, but she didn’t want her friend to feel less than her. Why was Koizumi overly excited? Of course Sonia was happy too, but not as happy as Koizumi. Usually Sonia is the overly excited one. After sighing lightly, she gazed her eyesight away from the camera to look upon the sky; to think about what these two wanted to do next. The sky looked quiescent, even though they were just bunches of shades of blues. The blonde was probably leaving Koizumi wondering what she’s doing or going to say.

   After thinking for a bit, Sonia had an idea. Since she was back in Japan, maybe they could visit various shops? Unique stores and clothing stores! She was gathering up the information she could inform Koizumi on the where bouts on where they should go. ❝Perhaps we could visit stores in Tokyo? Since I have just returned back, it would be nice to take a trip to places we used to go.❞ She said in a rather thrilled voice. Sonia was a bit of a sucker for ‘Lolita’ attire and wanted to fetch some from a store; it reminds her of one of her friends, Celestia.

   Sonia wasn’t exactly sure what Koizumi wanted to do, she knew that Koizumi wasn’t into frilly dresses and fancy clothing quite like Sonia, but they are both very different people. Maybe she should ask? She knew Koizumi would probably want to look at new cameras or something along her range, but they could gander off into different stores together, plus it is just for fun.

   Probably better off to ask Koizumi than just sitting there diddling on about it in her mind, her friend into some mind reader, it’s better off to ask than to ponder. ❝Pardon me, Koizumi. Where would YOU like to go? It was rude of me not to ask, so my apologies for that! Anywhere you would like to go, we can first! I’m hella excited!❞